EU arms trade

From the annual report of EU Member States arms trade it can be seen that in the period 2005-2009 EU countries granted arms export licences to Israel worth Euro 7.465.500.000.

The biggest exporters in this period were

France 408.643.870
Germany 126.004.355
United Kingdom 84.361.787
Romania 48.956.944
Belgium 23.291.227
Poland 22.112.384

Note that not all types of military equipment are covered by the EU consolidated report. Some trade, like the trade in components and dual-use goods (goods with a civilian as well as a military use) can occur without being reported.The Israeli government does not publish any arms export figures. Thus the only source of information are the estimates of the SIPRI arms transfer database, which however does only include major conventional systems and not for example small arms, light weapons and components.

The EU also imports weapons from Israel, often produced with European partner companies. Many countries buy UAV’s or drones, unmanned systems. Together with the US, Israel is the major producer of these systems.

Arms fairs and other cooperation

European countries host arms fairs with Israeli participants. European arms companies take part in conferences and arms fairs in Israel. European military and security forces are trained by Israeli forces. Israel has a special relationship with NATO.

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