Although Belgium is a small country, it is far from a secondary player on the international military market. It has a substantial trade with the Middle East, and belongs to the top five European exporters to Israel. Between 2003 and 2007, Belgium granted licenses for arms exports to Israel for a total amount of 23,3 million Euros.

Belgium considers Israel as a sensitive destination, because of its bad performance concerning human rights and the persistence of tensions and regional conflicts. Nevertheless, Israel is the fourth largest destination of Belgian exports to the Middle East.


Press release  by Vredesactie (B) and Campagne tegen Wapenhandel (NL) about arms exports and transits to Israel (English).

Parliamentary questions about arms exports and transits to Israel in the Flemish parliament bij SP.a and in the Wallonian parliament by Ecolo.

Military Israel and belgian companies two sides of one coin. Article of Vrede & Vredesactie in newspaper De Morgen of 22/01/2009 (Dutch).

Januari 8 2009 Belgium’s Vredesactie send out a press release about arms transfers through Bierset (Liege) airport (Dutch / French).

Belgian national television news program TerZake. broadcasted a program on the transit of arms through Bierset Liege Airport on Januari 9 2009. (Dutch)


In 2010 Flemmish peace activists from Vredesactie distributed fake ElAl ‘free flight vouchers’ at holiday fair “to let you share in the profits of arms transports”.


Qui Arme Israël et le Hamas? GRIP, 2009

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