Germany has recently replaced France as the largest European supplier to the Israeli army.

The German-Israeli military cooperation is well analysed in The German-Israeli Armaments Cooperation March 20, 2009
and a more historical overview in German-Israeli Armaments Cooperation of december 2002

Elbit Systems, the largest private Israeli arms company, owns 100% of Telefunken RACOMS, the German train technology company.


October 31, 2011, Germany Threatens To Halt Submarine Sale to Israel

July 18, 2011, Germany to finance submarine for Israel

July 4, 2011 Israel, Germany developing smart missile for Eurofighter

April 15, 2011 Israel seeks 6th German sub to boost navy

December 20, 2010 Germany-Israel security research programme

November 21, 2010 Germany Leases IAI’s Herons for Afghanistan  

July 27, 2010 Israel Trains German Pilots to Fly Drones in Afghanistan

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