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Licences for key equipment being used by Israel are no longer being approved in the UK.  However in April 2011 the Commons’ Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC) concluded that: “… the present Government’s policy on exporting arms or components of arms that could be used in the Occupied Palestinian Territories appears to be confused. Given that the Government in its response to the previous Committees’ last Report stated: “That the UK Government does not have a policy that UK arms exports to Israel should not be used in the Occupied Palestinian Territories”, we recommend that the Government re-states what specific arms or components of arms it is willing to approve for export to Israel that could be used in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. We further recommend that if the Government is unable to identify any such arms or components of arms, it formally withdraws the statement of policy quoted in this paragraph.” The Government has yet to respond.

Embargo call in Parliament Nov.23 2011

The UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign wrote an excellent briefing on military relations with israel and how the israeli military industry profits from the illegal occupation of Palestine. Read the briefing here


January 14, 2011 Israel training Brit army in drone use

January 5, 2011 Three to contest fixed-wing deal in UK’s MFTS


Stop Arming Israel by Campaign Against Arms Trade, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and War on Want

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