Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been a major transit ports for arms transfers (mainly ammunition and bullet parts) for many years. Read the overview of arms transfers to Israël 2006-2007. According to unconfirmed information these transits took place by ElAl planes. The number of military transits reduced dramatically after ElAl moved from Schiphol in the Netherlands to Bierset in Belgium, where transit controls are very untransparent.

Read the common press release of Vredesactie (B) and Campagne tegen Wapenhandel (NL) about arms exports and transits (in English).

A Parliamentary proposal for better transit control during the 2009 Gaza war was turned down.


Nov. 7 2011  Elbit Systems of America Celebrates Opening of New Repair Facility located on Logistic Center Woensdrecht, Netherlands

Further reading

Europese militaire relaties met Israel. Overview article in Dutch, published in Soemoed, november 2010

Report Wapenhandel en militaire samenwerking met Israël october 2007

Report Arms trade and military relations with Israel / english summary october 2007

Already in 2003 military relations between the Netherlands and israel were disputed.

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