Israeli exports

Israel has an extensive arms industry and is competing with France over the position of fourth global biggest arms exporter (after the US, Russia and Germany).

Israeli export sales accounted for about 80 percent of its defence industrial capacity, about $7.3 billion in 2010. The largest private Israeli defense industry is Elbit Systems. Stop the Wall – the Grassroots Palestinian Separation Wall Campaign – has written has written a critical factsheet on Elbit.

The largest state companies are Israel Military Industry (IMI), Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. IAI is about to be (partly) privatized.

Dependence on EU export

Despite its rapid growth and extreme assertiveness, Israel’s arms industry is completely dependent on the co-operation of the EU and NATO. 75% of Israeli arms sales are to foreign militaries. Israel sees Europe as a major market. Without an export possibility into this protected marked, without access to NATO standards, without access to research results, Israel’s arms industry would be much less profitable.

EU imports of weapons from Israel often take place in the form of joint venture production with European partner companies.

By buying Israeli weapons, Europe supports the Israeli military industry. “We rely on our local industry to provide the most advanced and innovative technologies to meet security needs” a senior Israeli defence official was quoted in Defense News “and these needs cannot be met without extraordinary success in the world market.”


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